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2019 Season

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The 2019 season is here. This year we will be expanding our training to allow more opportunities for our youth to be ready for all other sports besides track. Running is primarily the foundation of all Sports but adding a little more to the athletes toolkit will only allow for a better all around Athlete in the future.


BEAST CAMP – AGES 9-10  & AGES 11 – 13: WEEK OF 4 February 2019  – WEEK OF 25 March 2019

A STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM that accommodates all Boys and Girls Ages 9 – 13. This program will consist of fitness components such as: speed, general conditioning, strength, agility, coordination, mobility, flexibility and core training. Beast Camp is generally designed to be an all-around training camp that focuses on the general and foundational skills our young athletes need to excel in every sport they play.

Location: Highland Elementary Gym – 110 W A Jenkins Rd, Elizabethtown, KY 42701



GROUP 1 – AGES 7 – 12

GROUP 2 – AGES 13 & UP

Early Season Conditioning for any athlete who needs to start preparing for their upcoming season. Our training will consist of general strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility, core training and primarily focus on building an athletes anaerobic/aerobic capacity. Our training will be separated by age groups to ensure that our athletes are able to train effectively among individuals of similar capabilities. The intent is to build a strong athletic foundation early in the season so that when the intensity increases, the risk of injury is low and the increase in performance is high.

This 6 weeks of training will be conducted OUTSIDE on the below surfaces:

Grass/ Hills/ Pavement /Stadium bleachers.

Meet up Location: New Highland Elementary School or determined prior to training

Address: 110 W A Jenkins Rd, Elizabethtown, KY 42701



In order to be a Beast in whatever sport you play you have to be willing to do what real beast do. Through that hunt for success you have to be willing to endure and accept the PROCESS. The PROCESS is group training that is essential for your athletes team success in their specific sport. It’s the training that must be honed and developed prior to stepping on the field or court. The For example, football players can’t wait for the season to start to establish functional strength, stability, core strengthening, speed, agility, hand and eye coordination, etc.. These are some of the skills the PROCESS training will do for your athletes. The type of training that will be recommended for a group of athletes will be based on the time frame they are in prior too or during the season. 




Individual training for functional strength/ speed and agility or general fitness training may be conducted upon personal request through Coach Butler.




 Point of Contact for Individual training:


Coach Brandon Butler         

Primary Phone: (214) 412-0549