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Club Uniforms: Club uniforms aren’t essential during our winter Beast Camp. Athletes must wear attire that will enable them to run, jump and be mobile. Gym attire (i.e. athletic shorts and shirts) is the primary uniform during this particular training season.


Shoes for training: The most important piece of equipment needed is a good pair of training shoes. A comfortable and lightweight pair of cross –training shoes are highly recommended during this training season. These shoes will allow support while running, jumping and participating in all other activities during their training session. Waffles and other shoes providing inadequate cushion or support are NOT allowed.


Sweats and other athletic wear

Cold & rainy weather clothing is highly recommended for our young athletes to wear after their training. This will prevent any sickness occurring after sweating and their body temperature rising after indoor training.


Gym Bag

Each athlete should have a gym bag at each practice, containing the following: towel and water bottle (with water).



The club schedules regular practice sessions that each athlete must attend. Practices will not be rescheduled after parents have received initial training times and days.


Practice Regulations for Athletes


  • Athletes should conduct all practices.


  • Athletes should arrive on time and ready to workout.


  • Athletes must follow the directions of the coaching staff during practices. This includes doing the exercises, participating in all drills and completing the training program.


  • No distractions will be tolerated.


  • The following is not allowed: profanity, horseplay, abusive language, or fighting.


  • Members unwilling to participate in workouts will be dismissed from the practice area and will not be allowed to return until coaches have spoken with the parents.


  • Repeated misconduct, distractions and/or refusals to do workouts will be grounds for termination from the program. No membership fees will be refunded if a membership is terminated.


Practice Regulations for Parents


  • Parents are not permitted on the practice areas during practices without background check.


  • Parents shall refrain from coaching or instructing athletes during practices sessions. Coaching is the exclusive responsibility of our coaching staff.


  • Parents should not engage the coaching staff in conversation during practice sessions. Coaches are available to answer questions after practice or during scheduled appointments.


  • Please notify the coach if your child will not be able to participate in a scheduled practice. This notification should be given as early as possible and preferably prior to schedule practices.


Practice and Bad Weather

The coaches will not cancel practice because of rainy weather in general. Practice will be held as scheduled except in the event of dangerous weather, such as extreme cold, heavy rain, or lighting. In the event that a scheduled practice is cancelled ahead of time due to the weather, the coaching staff will inform the members by email or by phone.

Parents please be willing to help with fundraisers that may occur later in the season. This is to help finance some of the cost during our future seasons and help with more training equipment.

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